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Ask Me Anything Call

3 months old-5 years old

I help new and seasoned parents to become confident and knowledgeable when supporting their children's sleep and throughout their postpartum journey.

Is this you?

My child can and does fall asleep independently.
We are having a hard time with sleep and we need help getting back on track.
I know we don't need to invest in a whole sleep plan or two weeks of support but having an hour to troubleshoot would be really helpful!
My child used to sleep so well but ________ (insert any big transition here) happened and now we are so lost (and tired)!

What's included?

1- 60 minute phone call to trouble shoot any sleep challenges you are having.
A verbal plan that we come up with together to help you tackle these challenges head on.
1- check-in text exchange (no more than 15 minutes) to see how things are going and if there needs to be any changes.


(Paid directly through the booking feature below)
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