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Restful Beginnings

Empowering parents to embrace their journey

1:1 sleep and postpartum coaching program from late pregnancy until the end of the fourth trimester (12 weeks postpartum)

I help new and seasoned parents to become confident and knowledgeable when supporting their children's sleep and throughout their postpartum journey.

Is this you?

I am pregnant or expecting a new baby.
I am nervous about what it means to have a new baby (or babies) and what that means for my future.
I am stressed about what sleep will look like when I bring new baby/babies home.
My partner and/or myself are at risk for perinatal mental health disorders (anxiety, depression, OCD and psychosis associated with having a new baby).
I am unsure of what parenthood will bring and how I will come into my new role in parenthood.
I want to feel supported and nurtured as I enter this new season of my life.

What if... baby isn't sleeping long stretches at night and/or they are taking short naps and that impacts my mental health?
…my baby will not sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time and I need to be able to function to go to work?
...I feel helpless and alone with my new baby and I don't know where to turn? baby will only sleep if I am holding them?
...I have questions about my postpartum recovery but I don't know who to ask?

This doesn’t need to be your reality. Help is out there.

Imagine if...

…I knew exactly what to do to get my baby sleeping longer, more predictable stretches!
…I had someone monitoring me for risk factors of perinatal mood disorders and could refer me for help as soon as possible!
…I had access to a sleep and postpartum expert who could answer any and all questions as they come up!
…I had a written guide that answered these questions and more!
...I felt prepared and supported from the time I was in my last trimester until my baby was 12 weeks old!
...I was comfortable with the unknowns of a new baby because I had the tools I needed to enter this stage of life with confidence!

Who is Laurel?

Laurel Segal is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Postpartum Doula, Child Passenger Safety Technician and Professional Nanny. Laurel is also a mom. Laurel has a special affinity for newborns and has worked with over a hundred newborns throughout her career. During the duration of her career, Laurel has gained a specialized expertise in all things related to the first three months of life. Laurel is passionate about helping parents to get to know their babies, while also understanding newborn development and how sleep are all connected. Laurel has supported countless families over the last twenty years in various capacities and is ready to support you as you welcome your newest family member(s) into your home.


“Laurel was instrumental in supporting us and our newborn twins and helping us learn to get sleep! Thanks to her support, sleep plan, and overnight care sleep became manageable and they are nearly sleeping through the night and independent sleepers. We are so grateful for her!” -Emily

“Laurel provided us with the best experience possible, while also giving us the gift of sleep. Through a decisive plan, check ins, and tips, she always met us where we were. We never felt judged or that we were doing something wrong with our child’s sleep, and Laurel constantly supported us and guided us throughout the entire way. I am grateful for the work and help The Seagull Nest provided us, and cannot recommend her enough! If you’re falling asleep while reading this, stop reading this and book her already.” -Ashley

“Laurel was patient and understanding - she could tell that this relationship was as much about mom as it was about baby. I felt comfortable telling Laurel I am not ok with letting my baby cry nor weaning quite yet. She accommodated all my needs. We agreed on a combination of shush/pat and pick up put down. After the second night, our baby was asleep in the crib with only two wakings during the night.

Laurel is wonderful at what she does. I appreciated her holistic approach to the situation and the circumstances rather than just a baby needing to be sleep trained. She is always available and truly cares about her clients. I cannot recommend her enugh. She will improve your and your baby's sleep (and life) while reminding you that you are only human and empowering you along the way.” -Elma

“We sought out Laurel’s help at our absolute lowest point in the infant sleep journey and I cannot believe how far we have come in just two weeks. We went from being up every 2 hours for weeks to being able to put our baby to sleep independently at a consistent bedtime and getting longer stretches of sleep. It feels like we now have the skills to keep progressing! Laurel was incredibly understanding and patient while still firmly guiding us to give our baby the best chance at learning to self soothe. Our deepest gratitude to you, Laurel! We highly recommend the Seagull Nest!” -Avi

"When we began working with Laurel, we were desperate. Everyone warns you that newborns are hard and you won’t sleep, but nothing can prepare you for just how intensely difficult it will be. Our three week old would not sleep during the day unless held, fought naps, and took 45 mins to settle again after a nighttime feed, which when you’re nursing every two hours is brutal. It got so bad that I ordered a Snoo rental the day before we spoke with Laurel.

Flash forward three weeks: our now six week old can self-soothe and get himself back to sleep without parental assistance. He recognizes bedtime routines and responds accordingly. He is sleeping good, long stretches at night and naps are improving vastly. More importantly, his parents are better rested than they hoped to be both due to his sleep and because of the noise cancelling earbuds Laurel recommended (seriously, game changer, buy them and thank her later). And all because Laurel talked us through how to teach our newborn the skills to be a good sleeper.

She listened to us and helped develop steps to take to teach him, but more importantly, she made herself available for two weeks via text message to respond to questions, concerns and new parent anxieties. She didn’t advertise herself as a de facto therapist but she definitely felt like one at times. But perhaps the most important part for me as a new mother was how reassuring she was, blending humor and advice with a listening ear. It made a world of difference to my mental health knowing she would check in on us every morning, and I truly appreciate all the time she gave us. She’s helped me learn to trust my instincts and be flexible when I need to be with his sleep and we are all happier for it. I feel confident that we’ve given him tools to weather the inevitable ups and downs of childhood sleep and for that I am truly grateful.

And the Snoo? By the time it arrived, Laurel’s plan was already making a difference. We never opened it.” -Maya

What is included?

Unlimited text messaging support from 30 weeks gestation until 12 weeks postpartum- regarding all things sleep related (both newborn and parents) as well as postpartum support

Five (5) optional phone calls (up to one (1) hour each) over the duration of the consultation (1, 1 hour call, once per month)

"Creating Your Baby Registry" check-list

Access to resources specific to your pregnancy, postpartum period and newborn

The Seagull Nest Newborn Sleep Guide customized for your family


$4749 USD- Paid in Full (5% discount, original price $4999) 

Payment Plan:

$1249 USD- Four Payments

$999 USD- Five Payments

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