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Newborn Sleep Services

I help new and seasoned parents to become confident and knowledgeable when supporting their children's sleep and throughout their postpartum journey.

Is this you?

I am a new parent. My baby is between birth and 12 weeks.
I need more sleep. I am exhausted.
I don't know how to help my baby get more sleep.
I am sleep deprived. I don't know how to care for my baby or myself.

What if...

...I continue down the path of sleep deprivation. Will I be safe?
..My mental health continues to go downhill?
...I lose my patience with my baby because I am so tired?
...I am a bad parent because I am so tired?

Imagine if...

...I learned how to teach my baby healthy sleep habits without sleep training?
...I had someone monitoring me for risk factors of perinatal mood disorders and could give me a referral if I needed one?
...I had access to a certified pediatric sleep expert, postpartum doula and newborn expert?
...I was able to catch up on sleep because my baby would be sleeping better?


"When we began working with Laurel, we were desperate. Everyone warns you that newborns are hard and you won’t sleep, but nothing can prepare you for just how intensely difficult it will be. Our three week old would not sleep during the day unless held, fought naps, and took 45 mins to settle again after a nighttime feed, which when you’re nursing every two hours is brutal. It got so bad that I ordered a Snoo rental the day before we spoke with Laurel.

Flash forward three weeks: our now six week old can self-soothe and get himself back to sleep without parental assistance. He recognizes bedtime routines and responds accordingly. He is sleeping good, long stretches at night and naps are improving vastly. More importantly, his parents are better rested than they hoped to be both due to his sleep and because of the noise cancelling earbuds Laurel recommended (seriously, game changer, buy them and thank her later). And all because Laurel talked us through how to teach our newborn the skills to be a good sleeper.

She listened to us and helped develop steps to take to teach him, but more importantly, she made herself available for two weeks via text message to respond to questions, concerns and new parent anxieties. She didn’t advertise herself as a de facto therapist but she definitely felt like one at times. But perhaps the most important part for me as a new mother was how reassuring she was, blending humor and advice with a listening ear. It made a world of difference to my mental health knowing she would check in on us every morning, and I truly appreciate all the time she gave us. She’s helped me learn to trust my instincts and be flexible when I need to be with his sleep and we are all happier for it. I feel confident that we’ve given him tools to weather the inevitable ups and downs of childhood sleep and for that I am truly grateful.

And the Snoo? By the time it arrived, Laurel’s plan was already making a difference. We never opened it.” -Maya

“We purchased the newborn sleep support package and were so fortunate to have Laurel’s support as we navigated newborn sleep as first time parents. Laurel checked in every morning and night to see how things had gone and was very validating/supportive throughout. Thanks Laurel!!”- MB

What's included?

Customized newborn sleep guide that will give you all of the tips, tricks and tools to help understand your new baby while creating healthy sleep habits

4 (four) weeks newborn and parent sleep (via text)

4 (four) weeks postpartum support (via text)

Maintenance support (one 15 minute phone call to troubleshoot before child is 12 weeks old)

Foundations of Newborn Sleep and Postpartum Support



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