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Parenting in Pajamas

A 6-week group coaching program that will provide you with everything you need to significantly improve your baby’s sleep.


Taking your family from sleepless nights to restful days so that you can fully enjoy parenthood the way you’d always envisioned it.

Modern Family

Is this you?

…your baby is up every two hours to eat and you are stuck in an endless exhausted cycle.
…your baby was sleeping 6-8 hour stretches and is now only sleeping 3 hour stretches. 
…your baby needs you to rock her for 2 hours while she naps. You can’t get anything done! 
…my baby is waking up 4 times a night, screaming. You are losing your patience and do not know how to get her to become a better sleeper!

What if...

…your baby actually slept through the night without having to rock, hold or feed them?
…your twins could continue to sleep in the same room together without waking each other up?
…you could have more predictable nap schedules so that you could schedule appointments or go out to lunch with friends and bring a happy baby along?
…when you return to work, your baby was napping extremely well and you didn’t have to be afraid that your nanny would get burnt out?

Imagine if...

…you and your partner can finally enjoy a quiet dinner together without worrying about who will soothe the baby when he wakes up.
…you can eat lunch alone, in silence because nap time is finally dependable.
…your stress level reduces because your whole family is sleeping better. 
…your baby is so much happier because she’s finally getting enough sleep


“Last night was awesome by the way. My husband wasn't home and I had the confidence to jump in the bath. 💆‍♀️🛁. Been a long time since I could relax like that. 😂😭.” - Anastasia, mom to 6 month old

“Bags under my eyes be gone! I am finally resting again thanks to Laurel/The Seagull Nest. Being so much more rested has allowed us the energy to show up better for our kids and each other (we even started watching shows again at night!).  10/10 recommend.” Elyse, mom to 5 month old

“Before working with Laurel our 14 month old had only ever slept through the night 5 or so times, and needed a lot of assistance sleeping (I would nurse to sleep for every nap, bed time and middle of the night wake up). The results from our two weeks working with Laurel (where she checked in with, and supported us multiple times a day) were so much more transformative than we could have predicted. Everyone in our house is so much happier, and well rested. She is magic!” Olivia, mom to 14 month old

What will we work on?

Gaining an understanding of what sleep training is and how it will be beneficial for your family.

Getting in the right mindset to go through something that could be really hard and how to physically prepare for that hard thing (sleep training).

Learning how breast/chest/bottle feeding can be impacted by sleep training and how sleep training can impact breast and chestfeeding.

Going through the sleep training process. You will be equipped with all of the tools and methods to start implementing the sleep training process with your child/children.

Understanding how day sleep (naps) and night sleep differ, how to navigate them and how to handle regressions when they come up.

So much more!

Who is this group for?

 Parents of a child/children 3 months-17 months

Caregivers of children who are struggling with day and/or night sleep

Parents looking for support in a community setting   

Parents who want to sleep train but need guidance

Caregivers who are looking for help but do not need 1:1 support

Guest Speakers

Shelly Taft- Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Doula, and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and Infant Sleep Educator

Amanda Finn Holmes- Master Of Science, Certified Continence and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist, Physical Therapist, and Menstrual Mentor

April Lacey- Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She is Certified in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C) and trained in the evidenced-based Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS) Framework.

What is included?

6 live modules

6 live group coaching calls

6 weeks of group Voxer chat

**Dates and times will be sent out based on group availability** (see enrollment form for more details)



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