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Mastering Toddler and Preschooler Sleep

(18 months old-5 years old)

I help new and seasoned parents to become confident and knowledgeable when supporting their children's sleep and throughout their postpartum journey.

Is this you?

My 3 year old needs me to lay with them until they are asleep.
My 18 month old is still waking up twice a night for a bottle of milk?
My 2.5 year old hates napping!
My 4 year old runs the show. They control naps and bed time. 

What if...

...My toddler never learns to fall asleep on their own?
...My 3 year old sleeps in my bed for the foreseeable future?
...My child gives up napping too soon because we just can't figure out successful naps?
...My preschooler continues to go to bed at 11pm and needs to wake up at 6am? 

Imagine if...

...I took back nap time and bed time.
...I could be as responsive as I am comfortable with during the sleep training process?
...I had help catered to the needs of my family, all while feeling supported?
...both my child and myself get the much needed sleep we need?


"When I say my child never slept I mean my child never slept. He was waking every 45 mins to two hours at night. It was awful. We made it to about 7 months and decided to give Laurel from The Seagulls Nest a try! At this point we had tried many different things to get my son to sleep for longer stretches but nothing seemed to work. After talking with Laurel she made a plan for us. We were very skeptical but hopeful it would work. In just two days my son was sleeping through the night. It was insane. We did the plan where we could reach out for a couple weeks. Laurel checked in on us multiple times a day and offered suggestions if I had questions. We are going on about 3 weeks and he is still sleeping 12 hours a night. I cannot begin to thank Laurel enough for helping my son on his sleep journey. Thank you for giving us more confidence in how to improve his sleep. I'm so glad I used this service and didn't keep waiting in hopes things would get better after one! If you are thinking of booking with laurel please do, you are in great hands and I hope you have the same experience we did! Thank you Laurel!!!" -Jessica

"Laurel helped us with getting our 15-month-old back to independently sleeping and night weaned. We didn't have a strong faith it would work initially due to multiple attempts on our own but her encouragement and ability to help us understand what to expect/when to stop gave us the confidence to power through the emotionally and physically draining first few days. She also kept us aligned and focused on consistency (despite the baby catching yet another winter cold.) Now we're all sleeping through the night and getting more rest." -Lindsey

What's included?

Customized sleep plan specifically designed for your family

Custom created visuals for your child (printable)

2 weeks of support via text message

Maintenance calls for one year

Covers naps, early wake-ups, all bed time challenges and overnight struggles

Mastering Toddler and Preschooler Sleep


$699 USD

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