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Pediatric Sleep Consulting and Postpartum Services

Imagine your child gaining the ability to fall asleep independently, sleep soundly and wake up happy and energized after a night of restful sleep while also napping consistently day in and day out. That dream can be a reality when you work with a pediatric sleep consultant. Our intention is to get your child sleeping better so that the quality of life for the entire household improves! We start as early as birth with newborn sleep shaping and work with children through age 5 to improve sleep and get your child sleeping better. Reach out today to set up a free Discovery Call.

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The Seagull Nest provides Pediatric Sleep Consulting, Postpartum Doula Services, Child Passenger Safety Services and Education in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  The majority of our services are offered in a remote capacity. The Seagull Nest has expertise in newborn sleep shaping and as well as expertise with creating confident, independent sleepers from 3 months-5 years old.  We are an expert in infant sleep safety. We also teach classes in newborn sleep, toddler sleep, car seat safety and so much more. We are also happy to create a specific class for you so all you have to do is ask!


About Laurel

Who is behind The Seagull Nest?

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I am Laurel Segal, owner of The Seagull Nest. My life has been centered around children as long as I can remember.  Throughout my life, I have continued to explore my interest in newborns and young children and eventually became who I am today. I know how daunting the postpartum period is and parenthood in general and my priority is to meet parents where they are and go from there. I love to learn and strive for the utmost level of expertise in my fields. I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Postpartum Doula and Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.

I am proficient in American Sign Language and knowledgeable about the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture. I have an Associate of Art Degree in Deaf Studies and am happy to work with the Deaf Community! I have been using ASL since 2006 and know that there are not enough providers that are conversational in ASL or have an understanding of Deaf Culture. I am happy to work with families of any dynamic and welcome you with open arms, including but not limited to: BIPOC families, LGBTQ families, single-parent or multiple parent families, families with grandparents caring for their grandchildren, families with adoptive or foster children, families with child who have disabilities and any other type of family that you can imagine!

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my partner, teenage twin step-daughters and my son. I love photography, gardening and anything related to plants. We reside outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

Starry Sky
Starry Sky
Starry Sky

Laurel is a dedicated, knowledgable, kind and caring professional in every way. She was flexible with our needs and provided multiple options to find the best fit for our kiddo. We've had serious challenges with our baby's sleep and thanks to Laurel's consistent and skilled approach we are now all getting more sleep! She was so patient with us and was totally there for me through a super intense time - if you've ever experience that extreme sleep deprivation you know what it means to have someone with a big heart and resourceful toolkit at your side! Highly recommend and very grateful to have worked with her.

Sophie from Randolph, MA