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Pediatric Sleep Consulting and Postpartum Services

Imagine your child gaining the ability to fall asleep independently, sleep soundly and waking up happy and energized after a night of restful sleep while also napping consistently day in and day out. That dream can be a reality when you work with a pediatric sleep consultant. My intention is to get your child sleeping better so that the quality of life for the entire household improves! I start as early as birth with newborn sleep shaping and work with children through age five to improve sleep and get your child sleeping better. This is achievable all from the comfort of your own home. My sleep consultation services are done virtually through phone, video chat, e-mail and text message. I have worked with families all over the world and as far away as Singapore (I am located on the East Coast of the USA)! Reach out today to set up a free Discovery Call.


Why Hire A Sleep Consultant?

Expert Knowledge

Various Methods


Long Term Investment

What Sets Us Apart?

I Will Meet You 

Where You Are

No Pressure




Over 20 Years

Experience with 


Proficient in ASL,

knowledgeable about Deaf community

Personal Experience

as a Parent to Twins

and Singleton

Postpartum Doula

Professional Nanny

Child Passenger Safety Technician

Safe Sleep Ambassador

Sleep Challenges That I Work To Improve

Newborn sleep shaping

Early morning


Not napping

No schedules

Middle of the night


Feeding to sleep

Inability to


Unable to fall



Inability to sleep 

in own bed

Cranky, overtired


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