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At this time, my only open availability is for overnights between late October and late January for Monday nights and Thursday nights.  Otherwise I am fully booked until late-April, 2025.

Postpartum Doula Services

I help new and seasoned parents to become confident and knowledgeable when supporting their children's sleep and throughout their postpartum journey.

Are you looking for remote support? Click the button below:

Newborn Baby

Birth-12 weeks
(4-week, 8-week and 12-week options are available)

Are you looking for in-person support? Keep scrolling down to learn more about our offerings:

Is this you?

I am pregnant or a new parent
My partner doesn't get much time off and we are both worried we won't get enough sleep.
I need to recover from my birth so I need to make sure I get some good sleep.
I've never even held a baby, how am I going to care for one?
Sleep is really important to me (and my partner, if I have one). 

What if...

...I'm too tired to care for my baby? baby wakes up every 30 minutes? baby won't let me put them down? baby has colic and I'm ready to pull my hair out?
...I don't get to shower or put on a clean shirt for a week?

Imagine if...

...a trusted professional came to my home to care for my new baby or babies while I got a good night's rest?
...laundry, light meal prep, bottle dishes, etc., got done while I was sleeping?
...I could learn all about newborn sleep from a certified pediatric sleep consultant and certified postpartum doula?
...I didn't need to worry about getting enough sleep or support because I had both?
...two nights a week I could let someone else care for my baby so I can care for me?

Who is Laurel?


Laurel Segal is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant,  Certified Postpartum Doula, Child Passenger Safety Technician and Professional Nanny. Laurel is also a mom. Laurel has supported countless families over the last twenty years in various capacities and is ready to support you as you welcome your newest family member(s) into your home.


“Laurel was instrumental in supporting us and our newborn twins and helping us learn to get sleep! Thanks to her support, sleep plan, and overnight care sleep became manageable and they are nearly sleeping through the night and independent sleepers. We are so grateful for her!” -Emily
Laurel is a dedicated, knowledgable, kind and caring professional in every way. She was flexible with our needs and provided multiple options to find the best fit for our kiddo. We've had serious challenges with our baby's sleep and thanks to Laurel's consistent and skilled approach we are now all getting more sleep! She was so patient with us and was totally there for me through a super intense time - if you've ever experience that extreme sleep deprivation you know what it means to have someone with a big heart and resourceful toolkit at your side! Highly recommend and very grateful to have worked with her.

What's Included?

overnight newborn care and postpartum support (I am not available for daytime hours)
light housekeeping (laundry, dishes, light meal prep or other quiet activities)
professional advice and expertise
check-ins via text message (as needed)


$50/hr+ (USD) 

At this time, my only open availability is for overnights between late October and late January for Monday nights and Thursday nights. Otherwise I am fully booked until late-April, 2025.

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