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Testimonials: Testimonials

"To say Laurel changed our lives would be an understatement! Our 13 month old had not slept through the night since he was 5 months old and we kept thinking the “problem” would fix itself as he got older. Once he started waking up 5 times a night, we were referred to Laurel and decided to reach out for help. After my first call with Laurel, I had already felt so confident that this process was going to improve our lives. Laurel listened to exactly what we wanted - wean from night nursing, improve night time sleep and help our son learn to fall asleep independently. She also asked our comfort levels in various areas and adjusted the plan to match our needs. I never felt pressured to do something I was uncomfortable with and always felt supported. It honestly felt like any time I texted her, I was texting one of my close friends! After one day of following the plan, my son had self weaned from one of his two night sessions. By night 4, he was sleeping through the night- I was SHOCKED- and we haven’t looked back since! His naps have also significantly improved from a 30 minute nap or contact nap to falling asleep independently and staying asleep for 1.5 hours! Laurel helped navigate all our real life situations like daycare schedules vs home schedules, going out on weekends, etc with ease and answered any question we had promptly. She gave us the tools we need to be successful going forward and, most importantly, instilled confidence in us as parents. We don’t know what to do with all the free time we have now! I would definitely recommend using Laurel if you are ready for improved sleep!

Shauna -Medfield, MA (Mom to 13 month old)

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